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New Technology Development

We are creating new trends in health care:

Together with our partners in the fields of technology and medicine we are working on the development of the following products:


Software for the analysis of PPG curve from pulse oxymeter.

Based on the course and shape of the PPG curve the following can be determined:

Oxygen saturation value
Heart rhythm
Heart rhythm variability
Diastolic and systolic blood pressure
Cardiovascular system current state classification
Mental stress – increase in heart rhythm

Mac Track

System for monitoring selected objects or persons both indoors and outdoors.

Accuracy of localisation 20 to 30 centimetres.
Possible use of the system by health care providers:
Monitoring of presence and movement of persons within given premises.
Monitoring of both movement and condition of patients, making use of third party devices.
Monitoring of personnel movement and evaluating its effectiveness.
Monitoring of health care devices, of their movement and the necessity of regular maintenance.
Medical supplies logistics.


Monitoring system for expectant mothers based on continual external tocography.

It is a tiny mobile sensor attached directly to the abdomen of an expectant mother by an elastic band. The sensor monitors uterine contractions and stores data in its memory. The sensor can be than connected to a computer or a smart phone and the physician, using specific software, can view and analyse the recorded data.


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